Welcome Members and Guests

Thanksgiving is knocking on our door and hopefully some snowmaking weather will follow. We have run some test and are ready to pounce on any reasonably cold temperatures should they occur. Typically we look for 23 degrees or less for a minimum of 8 hours to justify the expense. Keep your fingers crossed.   Every winter Ausblick has Employment opportunities for individuals 18 or older and a few for those under 18. Most of them are for weekend and evening hours. If you know of someone that needs extra income have them contact me through this web site. If you are a member make sure you are on our Constant Contact list to receive the official notices when they are published. Thanks for reading this and if you have questions just click on “Contact” and it will come to my Email. Have a great and safe Thanksgiving!  GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!

Dennis Evinrude, GM, Ausblick