Welcome Members and Guests

February 1st., 2015,   Due to the ongoing  snowfall this morning, the parking lot and lodge will not be available until 9:15 am so that we may make it as safe as possible for your arrival. Today is Superbowl  Sunday featuring  Skiing and Snowboarding for Members and Guests of all ages from 10:00 am until 5:00 pm .   Please consult the calendar above for both short and long term information. We have many terrain features and have added some rails recently.  If you have not done so yet as a member,  please click on “Guest Waiver” below and complete the process for your season waiver.  If you are having any guests please have them register through this same link before visiting the hill for skiing or riding. Doing so will speed up the ticketing process considerably. Make sure you drive careful on the way here!!!!

Dennis Evinrude, GM, Ausblick